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LoginStudents discloses the privacy policy and practices for all pages and services and trust is the key factor for our visitors and subscribers. To make sure to get the trust LoginStudents always striving hard to protect the privacy policy and confidentially of your information, the objective of privacy policy is to inform our visitors that LoginStudents collections, for the use and disclosure of information you are willing to share with us through the website.

Privacy policy importantly considered the part of LoginStudents and user agreement and it should be ensure the using the site to agree the terms and conditions of user agreement. Surely by using the site you are clearly agreeable with LoginStudents privacy practice.

LoginStudents is committed to never sell, rent and share any information provided by our visitors to third party, your privacy is highly important for us, our system just collect very basic information of our visitor like which pages they visited, type of form submitted and any feedback of our visitors, otherwise asked by the law of land. We simply use this information to improve the overall experience of our visitors to provide them better, rich and quality contents, ease of usability and improve the website. uses secure systems for the purpose of security to make sure that all services should be remain available for our visitors to monitor traffic to identify unlawful attempts to any upload or change the information.

The visitors of LoginStudents always know that third parties may use the cookies information on your browsers to collect the information for serving of Ad’s our site, for example our partner use the DoubleClick tacking system on LoginStudents for displaying Ad Sense and content base Ad’s, or may third party advertising system track the cookies.

Any given external links of site on LoginStudents is not answerable for privacy or authenticity of the content of such sites and always support our visitors to read their privacy contents.


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LoginStudents receive bundle of press releases form Public Relation agencies and these material or content is not responsibility of LoginStudents about their authenticity, acceptance and authenticity provided in these press releases, as we published them as a leading Telecom, technology and news portal.

LoginStudents has complete right to make any necessary changes in the press Releases and may not publish without any reason.